Simple Bevel Gear examples

When you want to transmit rotary motion between intersecting shafts, bevel gear set is one choice. Most bevel gears are mounted at 90° to each other, but it is not a rule. In fact, bevel gears can be manufactured for nearly any angle. We create some bevel gear examples here to show you the motion.

The number of teeth on the mating gears can be different. There is a special kind of bevel gears-miter gears. Miter gears are gears that have the same number of teeth with 90° shafts, and the ratio is 1:1. Usually miter gears are used to simply change the motion direction. There are some miter gears in the samples.

Straight Tooth Bevel Gear example

This simple video shows you how straight tooth bevel gears run. The parts in the video are designed for 3d printing. You can download the files and print them.

You can try to manufacture the mechanisms by yourself. And more files are uploaded to cgtradercults3d or etsy.

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