D20T3B4TY1 Industrial mechanical shutter design plan CNC(Digital)


What you get will be digital files, including PDF, DWG, STEP, 3DPDF formats. What you get is not a physical product. But you can manufacture this products with these files. Note: Digital goods cannot be returned.

The whole mechanism can be used as a functional unit. When you rotate the “Drive Gear”, the blades in the center hole open or close gradually. It is similar to a camera aperture or iris diaphragm. A motor can be used to drive the mechanism.



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Parts are designed towards to manufacturing purpose, and the functional unit can be used on industrial products. If you plan to 3d print these parts, I cannot ensure the mechanism will work well, because it is not designed for 3d printing.

If you want to know more about the mechanism, read this article: https://www.tanerxun.com/mechanical-shutter-design-plan/.html



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