How to create 3d voronoi on STL model

A lattice structure is an engineering or architectural structure made of a crisscross pattern of strips. 3D Voronoi can help you to make your objects lighter but stronger. This structure is one type of lattice. It is a very good structure in 3d printing. You can get more information about lattice/voronoi here.

3D Voronoi structure is popular in fashion industry. When you search 3d models, you can see many beautiful fashion model products with Voronoi structure, such as clothes, shoes glasses, belts, jewelry and much more. You can design your own fashion products and then print them with your 3d printer or send them to an on-demand service provider.

There are many tools can be used to create 3d Voronoi structure on 3d models. In this article, we will show you how to do that with Meshmixer. Meshmixer is a free tool to create a simple 3d model, repair 3d model, clean up 3d scans, add 3d pattern and lattices, and so on. You can get the free tool here.

If you want to get some voronoi style 3d models, you can try turbosquid or shapeways.  On turbosquid, you can buy a 3d model and then print the model by yourself; On shapeways, you can put an order, then shapeways will print the 3d model and ship to you.

Import the STL file

Menu : View—Show Wireframe

Select—Make “Size” to 100, then select all the model surface

Select—Edit—Reduce, and then change the Percentage, click on Accept.

After clicking on Accept, you can reduce the percentage, again and again, just repeat this step.

Edit—Make Pattern

Edit—Dual Edges—Accept

Then you can get the 3d model

If you have problems to do that by yourself, we can give a hand. Please contact us here or on Fiverr.

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