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Reduce 3d printing cost by design optimization

1. Introduction of 3d printing cost There are many factors can affect an object’s 3d printing cost/price. The main cost can split into several portions: material cost, labor cost, other cost. Material cost 3d printing raw material cost There are many different 3d printing materials on market: ABS, PLA, PTEG, RESIN, METAL, ETC. And the price …

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3D Printing Filament-HIPS

HIPS filament(High Impact PolyStyrene) is very similar to ABS, but it is stronger than ABS. It is glossy, sturdy, durable, non-toxic,non-hydroscopic,food safe and fully recyclable. And there are different colors material for you to choose. The most advantage is that HIPS can be dissolved in limonene. And that means it is a very good material …

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