Tools of generating lattice structure on 3d model

What is lattice structure A lattice structure is an engineering or architectural structure made of a crisscross pattern of strips. It can help you to make your objects lighter but stronger. Lattice structures are more than an ornamental feature since they give your final object a reinforced and optimized structure. The lattice designs feature a …

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3D Printing Filament-HIPS

HIPS filament(High Impact PolyStyrene) is very similar to ABS, but it is stronger than ABS. It is glossy, sturdy, durable, non-toxic,non-hydroscopic,food safe and fully recyclable. And there are different colors material for you to choose. The most advantage is that HIPS can be dissolved in limonene. And that means it is a very good material …

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3D Printer Material-PLA

PLA  material (Polylactic Acid) is one of the most common 3D printing materials. It is environmentally friendly and derived from renewable resources like sugar cane or corn starch. You can use the material to manufacture many objects. When cooling, this material contracts less than ABS, so you can get greater details than ABS, but it is …

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