3D Printing Material-PETG Filament

PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) is one of the most common plastic.And PETG filament may be your next favorite besides ABS and PLA in 3d printing.

It is very durable and strong,even more durable than ABS.But it is softer,less brittle than ABS. PETG is easy to print like PLA. So usually we can consider that PETG is a combination of the great properties of ABS and PLA. This material is easy to adhere to acrylic, blue tape, glass, polyimide tape while has minimal warping and shrinkage. Due to its characteristics, PETG is an ideal material to make mechanical parts.

It is a recyclable material for you to use again and again. And the property won’t degrade when you reuse the material. That means we can gather and reuse the scrap material, such as misprints and support material.

When printing, 220~260 degree is the suggested extrude temperature. For the printing bed, you can print objects with or without a heating bed. So if your 3d printer doesn’t have a hot bed,it is ok too. But it will be better if there is a heated bed on your 3d printer. And we recommend you to set the printing bed’s temperature to be about 65~80 degree. When you buy PETG filament, please read the supplier’s description about their filament .

PETG has great chemical resistance with good water, alkalic and acidic resistance. Its temperature resistant characteristics makes PETG a good material for containers used in medical applications. And if you want to pint food container or water bottle, PETG is a good and safe material to use too.

One of the most great property is its clarity and transparency.That allows you to print special objects.There are different color for you to choose,including black, white, transparent, transparent blue, grey, silver, transparent green, transparent yellow, etc.

Objects made from PETG:

You can use this material to manufacture: medical container, food container, gift or credit cards, store fixtures, prosthetic devices, bottle, protective components, mechanical parts, cups, outdoor objects, and so on.

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