3D Printing Filament-HIPS

HIPS filament(High Impact PolyStyrene) is very similar to ABS, but it is stronger than ABS. It is glossy, sturdy, durable, non-toxic,non-hydroscopic,food safe and fully recyclable. And there are different colors material for you to choose.

The most advantage is that HIPS can be dissolved in limonene. And that means it is a very good material to generate supporting structure when printing. However, please remember, it is not just a supporting material. It is a very capable 3d printing material independently.

When you print with HIPS filament, the suggested nozzle is 220~240℃. And it is best to set the bed temperature at 90~110℃.

When printing,this material will release some styrene. So you should put your 3d printer in a well-ventilated area,and it is best to wear respirator to protect you.

This material is soluble in Limonene at normal temperature. So you can use this material as supporting material. After printing, you can submerge the object into Limonene,and HIPS will be dissolved in 24 hours. And then you will get the main 3d prints.

But because some materials may be damaged by by limonene, it only works with ABS as supporting material. If you have a 3d printer with dual extrudes,and it works with ABS too, it is a good choice to use ABS+HIPS filament.  You can get limonene on eBay.

Due to its unique qualities of strength,visual appearance,hygiene, ability to keep heat and FDA compliant, HIPS is most used in the field of food packaging.

It has perfect dimensional stability and is easy to machine,glue or paint. It is shatterproof and electrical insulation. So usually we can use it to make mechanical prototypes or packaging of products.

Objects made from HIPS:

We can use this material to make many objects. For example, plastic cutlery, salad bowls, yogurt holder, DVD case, bike trailer, toys, cups, meat tray, vegetable and fruit tray, egg cartons, product packaging, and so on.

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