3D Printer Material-TPU Filament 

TPU filament(Thermoplastic Polyurethane) becomes more and more popular in 3d printing. It is ideal for 3d printers which work with PLA and ABS.

TPU is usually used to print parts that need to be flex or bend during application,and you can twist, stretch, squeeze the parts that made from TPU. It is also used to make industrial parts due to its resistance to greases, oils and many other solvents.

TPU filament is a flexible filament, and it is best to print objects at a low printing speed. Too fast printing may clog up the extrude. We recommend 10~30 mm/s. But you need to test that on your printer and try to find the best speed.

When you print with this material, it has minimal shrinkage and warping. We recommend to use a heated bed.But in fact, if you don’t have a heated bed on your 3d printer, the material can work well too, so heated bed is not necessary.

When printing, the extrude temperature should be about 210~235℃. As we said, it in fact doesn’t need a heated bed. But if you want to use heated bed, the recommended temperature is 20~50℃. And the temperature may be a little different if the filament comes from different manufacturers, so it is best to test that by yourself to get the best data.

TPU is not a soluble material, but it will degrade in a wet condition. So you should keep it in a airtight container.

The hardness is 85~98 A , it is different according to different manufacturers. A product that has similar hardness is baseball, and baseball is about 90 A.

There are several colors filaments for you to choose.

Objects made from TPU:

It is very durable, flexible, high abrasion resistance and is great for making parts like watch bands, shoes, phone cases, rubber mats, fold-able kayaks, stress toys, flexible parts, and so on.

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