3D Printable Gift Box Design Plan 02

In this box design plan, there are several bevel gears, and rack is designed on the blade. Straight gear and bevel gear are designed as one part. All parts are designed for 3d printing. Resin material is the best material to print. If you print the parts with FDM printers, maybe need more hand job to make it run well.

1. Assemble the gift box

Put part 7,8(4pcs) and part 2 into the house(part 1), assemble part 5 and part 6, put part 9 on the bevel gears,then try to rotate part 9 to see if it can run smoothly. If it cannot run smoothly,try to unassemble the mechanism and sand some parts, and then try again.

Assemble part 10 (4 pcs), put the cover (part 3) ,press the cover with your hand,and then try to run the mechanism with part 4 and 11. If it cannot run well, try to do some hand job on the parts.

After the mechanism run well, some glue onto the slot of part 5 and 6(then part 5 and part 6 should be glued onto part 1). Assemble part 3 onto part 1 with some screws.

2. How to run the gift box

You can insert part 4 into part 8,and then rotate part 4 with the handle(part11),the blades(part 10) can open or close gradually.

On the bottom of the house(part 1),there are 4 holes.So you can mount the whole box onto other part with 4-M3 screws.

Free 3DPDF file can be downloaded here:

More mechanisms:



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