3D Printable Box Design Plan 01

This article shows you a 3d printable box design plan. There are several bevel gears. Parts are designed for 3d printing. It can be used as a functional unit and assembled on some other parts.

1. Structure of the 3d printable box

Figure 1

Parts 6,7,9 and 10 are standard components that you can buy from a shop.

Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 are designed for 3d printing. When you 3d print the parts, resin material is preferred, and usually there will be some hand work. Of course, ABS/PLA material may be ok, but you need to make some change on the 3d model before 3d printing or you can do more hand work after printing.

2. How to run the mechanism

When you move part 10, all the Side Blades (part 4) open or close gradually. It looks similar to an iris mechanism .

This video shows the movement and structure.

3. Assembly of the 3d printable box

3.1 Assemble part 2 into part 1, rotate part 2 to ensure it can run smoothly. If it is difficult to run, try to smooth the two parts.

3.2 Add glue onto the bolts(part 6), assemble part 4 and part 5 with the bolts and nuts. Run one of the side blades to see if the mechanism can run well. Note: Before you confirm it runs well, don’t use glue if possible. Figure 3.

3.3 Mount the mechanism onto other parts using the 3-M3 bolts(part 9), for example, onto a bottom box or onto wall. Then screw the cover(part 3) with bolts.

3.4 After the mechanism run well, insert part 8 into side blade’s hole. If it is too loose, just add some glue.

Due to the structure, when the side blade is closed, it is not lightproof (Figure 4 ). In theory there is small gap between the side blades(0.2mm). Of course, the 3d printed parts’ quality is different, the gap may be different too.

4. Similar 3d printable box design plan

The following video shows you a similar box design plan. It has the same principle, but different structure and dimensions.

5. Where to get the files

You can download free 3d pdf file here:

Dimensions and STEP format files for 3d printing: twothreed.com, cgtrader.com

6. Customization

If you need different size box, we can provide design plan service. Prepare some information about your project please, and then you can contact us by Email. We can do that via Fiverr.com too.

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