3D Modeling APP for Android and IOS

3D Modeling APP is more and more in recent years. Several years ago, 3D modeling is limited to high-tech computer software and applications. And in these days, only the most powerful computers were able to do 3d modeling jobs. But now smartphones are more and more powerful. And there have been some 3d modeling apps that can run on Android or iOS platforms.

When you try to search for apps, you will find there are many mobile apps developed for “3d”, and most apps are targeted towards fun or visualization. With these apps, you cannot create 3d printable models.

In this article, we focus on 3d printing related apps. With these apps, you can view 3d models, create 3d printable models, convert images to 3d files, and more.  

Shapr3D-Offline 3D modeling APP for iPad

It is a parameter and offline tool that runs on iPad. It runs with the same engineer as Solidworks. With this software, you can import your projects and review or edit the files. And you can export manufacture-grade models for production or desktop editing.

To import or export files, it supports these formats: X_T, STEP, IGES, STL, DXF, DWG, OBJ, JPG, PNG.

You can combine this software with your desktop CAD, CNC or 3D printing software, such as Solidworks, NX, PTC, CATIA, Solidedge, Fusion, Inventor, Rhino3D, OnShape, SketchUp, and more.

To use this tool, an Apple pencil is required. You can get a free version, but you are limited to 2 designs.

Putty 3D: 3D Sculpting APP

Putty3D is a simple 3D sculpting app that works on iOS. The process is similar to traditional clay sculpting. It can export OBJ and STL format files. And you can modify the files again with desktop sculpting software.

It supports 3D Touch, Wide Color and Apple Pencil. With this cheap sculpting app, you can design a simple model on iOS anywhere. Of course, if you want to create a very complex model, maybe you need to consider other tools.

Onshape:Parametric online 3d modeling app for Android

Onshape is the industry leader in the field of cloud-based CAD. It is a modern CAD system that allows you to focus on your designing work. Your data is stored in a secure cloud workspace that is accessible from any android device.

To use this system, you should have a free Onshape account and then connect to your account from your Android tablet or phone. It unites many parametric modeling tools and design data management. You can view, create, share, modify and comment on 3D models from anywhere.

Sculpt+: Sculpting and Painting app

It is a sculpting and painting app that works on Android system. It has many key features that you can find in desktop software, such as Mudbox and Zbrush.

You can import .OBJ file to Sculpt+, and then edit the 3d model. It can export .OBJ and .STL files for you to modify in desktop software.

With this APP, it is possible to create basic and complex models on your Android devices. And it is best to use a Touch-pen or a Stylus.

If you need 2D CAD software, you can refer to this article.

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